Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has been around since the inception of the internet.  Affiliate marketing has become incrementally more effective each and every year and is now a multibillion dollar industry.  Without question affiliate marketing is now global, with major brands such as Amazon, Google and Facebook highly engaged in the industry.

Affiliate marketing is a pay for performance marketing technique where merchants engage partners to promote their products or services in exchange for a commission.  This pay for performance model is what makes it particularly attractive.

Typically merchants either engage affiliates directly or through a third party intermediary such as Commission Junction, Linkshare or Clickbank. 

Key Factors for Success

To be successful merchants need to engage the following:

  • Merchant's Reputation - Affiliates join a particular program due to the merchant's reputation as a seller.  Timely payouts and a strong brand in it's particular niche is critical as affiliates rarely engage in short term relationships.
  • Recruiting Affiliates - There are hundreds of thousands of affiliates and reaching them is a challenge.  Using third party networks can help but promotional advertising and marketing is necessary.  As only 10% of your affiliates will be responsible for 90% of the resulting sales, constant dedication to affiliate marketing is a must.
  • Managing Affiliates - Once the affiliate is recruited, the merchant must continually be increasing the brand's mindshare with the affiliate.  This includes a personal account manager, performance incentives and constant support of the affiliate's marketing activities in terms of providing adequate marketing materials.

ZMD Technologies works with clients to establish, manage and grow their affiliate marketing activities.